Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

What does it mean

Satisfaction Guarantee

Are you not satisfied with the application we have prepared or do you want to have something changed? This happens rarely, but is no problem! 

We cannot guarantee the success of your application. A professional application increases your chances in the application process, but another very decisive factor is your qualification for a position. We cannot influence this either.

Therefore, in the event that your application is rejected, we will not refund any money.

However, if you are not satisfied immediately after receiving your application documents, you have two days to make a complaint. We will then try to revise the application according to your wishes. Of course, we will not accept it if you refuse to pay without good reason. Even the succinct statement “I don’t like the documents” does not automatically result in a refund. Constructive criticism, suggestions and change requests are always welcome. If there is still no consensus, you do not have to pay anything for the documents sent to you, or you will be refunded money paid in advance, provided that you can substantiate your criticism.

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