Apartment Application

Apartment Application

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We will prepare an apartment application for you, which contains all the important information about you and describes to the owner why you are reliable and symaptic. In this way you make it easy for the landlord to decide in your favour. He can get a first impression of you before the first viewing or remember you better afterwards. Also real estate agents need these documents to make the best choice for the property owner. So you are favoured over other apartment applicants and your chance of getting the apartment increases significantly.


Applications you know so far only from your career? Today, an application folder is also part of the search for an apartment. It gives you the chance to convince landlords or estate agents of your solvency and reliability. In addition, with a written application you stand out from the mass of people looking for a flat – and you will be remembered.

Your application for housing says a lot about you. Landlords will get a first and meaningful picture of you from the application. If you are not careful, you can greatly reduce your own chances.

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The "Wohnungsbewerbung"

Increase your chances

We will prepare a housing application for you, which contains all important information and contents. In your cover letter for the housing application we will describe your intentions for the apartment and describe what you particularly like about this apartment or residential area. You will also receive a self-assessment from us. Your personal data will be entered here. This includes your first and last name, birthday, nationality, current address, mobile and private number and e-mail address. The design should be simple and modern. It should attract attention, but not distract it. You will also receive a summary of your assets in the same design. So you can see what else belongs in the application and you can convince with a solid appearance.

your desired apartment

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With your request you get in contact with the apartment provider for the first time. The first impression is crucial because on the basis the housing applications offerers sort out most searches. With a well-structured and content wise meaningful application they set themselves apart from the competition and increase the chances for an inspection and/or the lease. We take care of this for you and help you heading to your desired apartment.

Get comfortable in your new apartment

We will let the owner know why it is the best decision to take them for the apartment. And in the meantime, you can start planning your move to your new home.

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You only have one opportunity. Our work gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. 

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Individual cover letter, either for exactly one job or for one branch.


Modern resume that combines your skills with your preferred job

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Modern German templates for your application documents as Word, OpenOffice and PDF files.​

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