Cover Letter

Cover Letter

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You have 90 seconds - then your cover letter must be convincing

With a proper cover letter - HR manager will take note of you


We will prepare a completely individual and personal cover letter for you. We also pay attention to the type of job and profession in the writing style, so that there is a coherent picture.

It is important that we create a well-structured text for you in which your strengths in relation to your desired position are emphasised and it is pointed out that you are the best candidate for the vacancy.

The cover letter can pave the way for the dream job.


Many applicants do not know what to do with their cover letter. They are insecure, overwhelmed, or find it difficult to put their qualifications in words. Or you do not have the specialist knowledge of how a CV should be structured today.

And Germans are internationally known for having notoriously strict standards when it comes to any kind of formalities. That, of course, also includes job applications. Most foreign applications don’t even get considered due to the lack of attention on details that may seem a bit over the top to the inexperienced eye. Hiring us means not having to worry about such things.

Company Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

We are a small experienced team from the fields of HR, Design and professional ghostwriting. This composition enables us to incorporate the strengths of the different industries into our work. In this way we can guarantee that your cover letter will arouse the curiosity to get to know you and and that we have a professional personal connection. Because we know each of our customers, their history, their strengths and their wishes. That is our secret of success.   

Expertise from HR | Design | Ghost Writers
since 12 years
Created applications per year
around 460
Satisfaction survey 2019 (n=460)

called "Bewerbungsanschreiben"

The letter of application

A single page of the “letter of application” offers enough space to describe your motivation and skills. This informs your future employer about what you have already done, what qualifies you for the position to be filled, and tells him/her about your expertise. Writing about your performance without overstating it, we take the time to deal with your individual needs. Sometimes applicants start every single sentence with “I”, which is perceived as rather repetitive and at the same time somewhat too egocentric, not only in Germany. And yes, bad grammar is still a problem, even if German grammar is sometimes comparatively difficult to handle: making mistakes is a source of difficulties when applying for a decent job. Hardly any company would welcome an applicant who does not take the time to read the application thoroughly.

Sometimes the “cover letter” is the first thing a German employer reads, sometimes it is the “curriculum vitae”. Make sure that you stick to relevant information – this certainly shows that you are able to focus on important facts and leave out less important details.

What it is all about

Customized And Germanized​

Your future employer has countless applications he needs to sift through, and you should use every trick in the book to make it easier for them to pick you! With our ATS optimized, comprehensive but to the point applications, that has never been easier. Our applications are custom tailored to show your specific skills and experience in the best light possible. What are you waiting for? Take the first step towards getting hired!

Let's Get Hired 😉

We use concrete examples and vivid descriptions to show the employer what he would gain from working with you. They will be curious to meet you and invite you for an interview.

On Point

You only have one opportunity. Our work gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. 

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?


Modern resume that combines your skills with your preferred job​

Full Application​

We will prepare a letter of application and a CV for you. Modern and according to German standards.​

Application Templates​

Modern German templates for your application documents as Word, OpenOffice and PDF files.​

Do You Want To Boost Your Application?​

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Data protection
Andreas Schütz, Owner: Andreas Schütz (Registered business address: Germany), processes personal data only to the extent strictly necessary for the operation of this website. All details in the privacy policy.