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Based on your profile and a questionnaire provided by us, we will create a professional, print-ready job reference that is individually tailored to you – all that is missing is the signature of your employer. Get your employer’s reference written now!


Usually in a lot of companies it takes quite a while to prepare a job reference. Sometimes weeks or even months may pass between the time you express your wish and the first draft of your reference. Avoid this waiting time by prescribing the job reference yourself and presenting it to the person in charge.

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We are a small experienced team from the fields of HR, Design and professional ghostwriting. This composition enables us to incorporate the strengths of the different industries into our work. In this way we can guarantee that your cover letter will arouse the curiosity to get to know you and and that we have a professional personal connection. Because we know each of our customers, their history, their strengths and their wishes. That is our secret of success.   

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The "Arbeitszeugnis"

Clear and straight on point

You want to positively influence your professional advancement? Then make sure your job reference is of high quality, because it is considered the most valuable working paper for the personnel decision-maker. The job reference is a written document about an employment relationship and is issued by the employer. When you apply for a new job, it is a kind of proof of aptitude for acquired knowledge and qualifications. In Germany it is called “Arbeitszeugnis” in Austria it is called “Dienstzeugnis”

According to many employees, job references are generally written in a “secret code” so that employers can pass on information to each other that employees cannot recognize. This is not true. Job references must always be positively written in a benevolent manner, but there is nevertheless a deliberate language of testimonials which says in a coded way whether you were very busy or whether you preferred to chat with colleagues. Almost indistinguishable for the inexperienced.

What It Is All About

What your employer should say about you

You will receive excellent and effective documents in German or English, which I will write and design to make you noticed by the HR department. 

We will provide an individual and personal job reference that focuses on your performance and success and which provides an excellent recommendation for your next job.

clear and benevolent

You are not sure whether your job reference is written beneficially and could therefore be the deciding criteria for the success of your application? Or do you need one from scratch?

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You only have one opportunity. Our work gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd

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We will prepare a letter of application and a CV for you. Modern and according to German standards.

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Modern German templates for your application documents as Word, OpenOffice and PDF files.

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