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We translate for you in German and English. We can also handle difficult subject areas in business, technology, law and above all the translation of your qualified application documents on schedule. When translating texts from one language into another, it is our aim to take into account the communicative goal of the respective translation: Should the text be rendered as literally as possible or – beyond the content – should a desired mood be communicated through stylish and flowing wording? It is this goal-oriented balance between accuracy and deliberate animation that determines the quality of a translation.


Especially in the internationalized, multimedia-based corporate world, the need for fast translations of documents, presentations, press releases, annual reports or meeting documents is usually very high. But also if you see an advertisement for your preferred job, but the documents should be submitted in German or English. Here it can be important to be fast and to shine with professional texts.

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We are a small experienced team from the fields of HR, Design and professional ghostwriting. This composition enables us to incorporate the strengths of the different industries into our work. In this way we can guarantee that your Translation will arouse the curiosity to get to know you and and that we have a professional personal connection. Because we know each of our customers, their history, their strengths and their wishes. That is our secret of success.   

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Native German language

Translations are not all the same and it is extremely difficult to check the quality. Therefore, we only translate in German and English in order to guarantee you high quality translations. Our golden rule is that only a native speaker can produce a professional translation.

Expert knowledge, stylistic sensitivity and quality standards guarantee the correct completion of your translation project.

Translating texts with passion

We translate it

We successfully apply our high quality standards in the fields of translation and interpreting for our customers. We are language experts and can translate your records, documents and files from specialist areas such as technology, economics, information technology, especially in the field of marketing – content writing and in the application process.

In this way we manage to achieve professional and reliable results for you.

Good reasons

Not all translations are the same and it is extremely difficult to check the quality. Therefore, we only overprint in German and English in order to guarantee you high quality translations.

On Point

You only have one opportunity. Our work gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. 

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We will proofread your documents to detect errors and provide a clean and polished text

Full Application​

We will prepare a letter of application and a CV for you. Modern and according to German standards.​​

Application Templates​

Modern German templates for your application documents as Word, OpenOffice and PDF files.​​

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